lady beetle

Many people may not believe it but there are some bugs that are actually good for a garden. These good bugs will help keep the bad bugs out of the garden and keep them from harming the plants. This is an all natural way to rid the garden of pests like termites phoenix.

Green Lacewings
This bug eats pollen, nectar, and their larvae will keep other bugs away. Lacewing larva eats aphids by the dozens and can get rid of these harmful pests. They will help keep the garden free from bugs and also help pollinate the plants .

Lady Beetles
When a person thinks of a beetle they often think they are harmful to gardens. Beetles have been known to eat the leaves off plants as well as the fruits. That is not true for the Lady Beetle. This beetle will eat aphids as well as mites and scale insects. Both the adults as well as the larvae will eat these pets. The beetle larvae are tiny and colorful. They do have a healthy appetite and can help rid the garden of a number of harmful pests.

Assassin Bugs
These bugs are a real thing. They use advanced techniques to help catch and eat other bugs. They are able to trick the other bugs and then overpower them. These bugs will eat many other types of bugs. Some of their favorite meals are beetles and caterpillars. They may be interesting to watch but they should not be handled by humans. They may even bite people.

Praying Mantids
These bugs can take care of gardens both large and small. They may be hard to find but they are helpful in keeping pests away. When the babies hatch they are so hungry that they will eat every bug in their sight. They are predators by nature and will attack any bug that comes into the garden.

Minute Pirate BugsMinute Pirate Bugs
These bugs are tiny in size but they are able to eat a large number of harmful bugs. They can eat aphids, mites, as well as thripes. Adults have black bodies with white markings. While these bugs may be hard to see they can be helpful in protecting the garden.
These are just some of the helpful bugs that can keep harmful bugs from taking over the garden. These good pets will make sure the garden is free from bugs and will not touch the fruits or vegetables that are growing.