Hiring a House Cleaner

What your house cleaner will not be telling your, you should know anyway

This is more of a “things to be aware of page”, more then anything else. There are certain things your professional cleaning service staff are thinking, but won’t say to your face.


1) You should never ask your mesa tile cleaning service to clean your 5-bedroom home from top to bottom, then have it ready in only a few hours. Always give them enough time to get done the job, depending on how big it is. If you don’t, you will not be getting a happy face.

“Are you crazy!!”

Enough said!

2) Most companies will show up with their own products. However, there are some people who will want you to be prepared. In other words, have stuff for them to use. Know what types of products the person will prefer to use and have them ready.

3) If you hire a company, most of the time they will show up with their own equipment, as was mentioned above. There are times when they expect you to have it all ready. In other words, have a mop hanging around the house. Expecting them to be on their hands and knees to do the job, it’s just unfair and rude.

4) Your professional house cleaning staff is there to clean the house, not be your personal maid. Therefore, do not ask them to pick up your mail, do the sewing, do the cooking, etc. This is also very rude.

5) If your home is disorganized to begin with, this is going to make it harder for the person. Please straighten up. The staff is not your personal maid. It’s amazing how many clients still don’t get this. You will get some very nasty looks from the person as soon as they see this.

cleaning (1)6) The last thing the staff wants is for their clients to make a mess out of what they have already cleaned up. In other words, don’t walk across a floor that has been cleaned. Your cleaning staff is going to be very mad at you for it. If you have to walk into your home, please use another route. Nothing can be that important that you need to disrupt the work you are paying for.

7) If you are going to be moving, please give the person notice. If you give your landlord a month’s notice, then please give them the same courtesy. This really gets under their skin, more than anything else. Please be conscious of this. If you aren’t, they might not be so ready to help you out in the future, if you do need them again. They won’t say it to your face, but the story will get out. There are a number of clients who have lost their cleaning staff due to this mistake.